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The catalysts are precisely cataloged based on the quantities of precious metals contained in each individual piece and constantly updated based on the market values of the metals at the time of consultation.


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By subscribing to the application you will acquire our commitment and our attention to detail and you will be able to consult our catalog - both catalysts and used spare parts - complete with technical information for each item. You will collaborate with a group of people who take their work with seriousness and, above all, passion.

Internal analyzes

The strong point of our know-how is our laboratory and our experience: unlike what many competitors do, the analyzes are done internally, repeated and in-depth to guarantee a very high degree of precision. To obtain this result we will reach different machines and a great commitment from both the laboratory and the technical offices.


The price you will see is the exact value of the item at that precise moment, calculated on the amount of precious metals it contains and their market value. The same application is used by our buyers to buy from suppliers: you have a precise and efficient tool in your hand to conclude your sales in an advantageous and competitive way.

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